“Loved it very detailed very descriptive I was hooked the sex scenes where good I was entertained while reading.”

Melissa Ownsbey

Books On The Nightstand

As you can imagine, I’ve read many of the top bestsellers and many more independent authors making for an eclectic mix over the years.
What are your favorite books of all time? The top 2 or 3 that have stayed with you and hold a special place in your heart? Well these are a few of mine. Enjoy! 

NOTE: I did my best to link these titles to independent bookstores rather than chains. Feel free to search them on other sites or at other stores. IF THERE IS A BOOK YOU WANT FROM THE LIST BELOW SIMPLY ASK YOUR LOCAL BOOKSTORE TO ORDER IT FOR YOU. THE AUTHOR AND THE STORE WILL THANK YOU! 

Books I've Written


Those Necessary Thorns: Desiree Elizabeth Taylor

The book of Relationships, Faith, Marriage, Love, Lust and Lies

Written by Sabrina Childress
Cover Art by Jordan Popowich
Edited by Sylvia Mills-Echols

Those Necessary Thorns: Sex And Decadence

The book of Consequences, Sexual Revolution, Deception and Revenge

Written by Sabrina Childress
Edited by Marcelena Ordaz 
Bonus Story Written by J. Will

Those Necessary Thorns: Derrick Pender

The Book of Tragedy, Love, Truth, Triumph and Child Abuse

Written by Sabrina Childress
Cover Art by Diabetic Artist
Edited by Sylvia Mills-Echols
Story by Aretha Cephus

Those Necessary Thorns: The Complete Series

The Books of Relationships, Consequences, and Tragedy

Written by Sabrina Childress
Edited by Sylvia Mills-Echols & Marcelena Ordaz
Story by J. Will & Aretha Cephus

Giggles in the Park
by Sabrina Childress

Bruised But Not Broken
By Sabrina Childress

Books I Love


Lil Mama's Rules
by Sheneska Jackson

by Shaneska Jackson

The Truth About Vivian
by Quanie Miller

The New Mrs. Collins
by Quanie Miller

The Art of Love
by Suzette Harrison

by Suzette D. Harrison

Cat Walk Diaries
by Sofia Mansfield

No Escaping: A Highcroft and Lovall Thriller
by Angela Bower

Come Sunday Morning
Terry E. Hill


Double Deal : The Inside Story of Murder, Unbridled Corruption, and the Cop Who Was a Mobster
by Sam Giancana and Michael Corbitt and Bettina Giancana

On Tyranny: Twenty Lessons from the Twentieth Century
by Timothy Snyder

House of Secrets (True Crime)
by Lowell Cauffiel

Books My Family Has Written

The Childress Family Collection

Surviving the Hood: Stories of Childhood, Adulthood, Motherhood and Businesshood
by Yaminah Childress

Forget The Lawyer!: A Supplemental Guide to Understanding Business Contracts
by Yaminah Childress

A Short Walk
by Alice Childress and La Vinia Jennings

Rainbow Jordan
by Alice Childress

A Hero Ain't Nothin But a Sandwich
by Alice Childress

I Am Magnificent
by Josh Childress and Gregory Atkins

Like One of the Family
by Alice Childress and Roxane Gay

Selected Plays
by Alice Childress