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Forever Single

Okay, here's my thing....I'm everything that a man is supposed to want yet I'm nothing any man wants. I've been single going on 3 years now and its really starting to bug me. I've been on a few dates here and there but nothing ever comes of them. I'm...
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My girlfriend might be gay!

This is so awkward. I'm crazy in love with my girlfriend and I'm thinking about a future with her. But lately, I've been noticing she only like lesbian porn and I swear my girlfriend likes looking at women more than men! (Not that I want her looking at other...
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My Friend Throws Shade All The Time

January 24, 2018 My Friend Throws Shade All The Time #RelationshipWednesday Question: I’ve been friends with this girl for over 12 years. We’ve always gotten along and never really had any issues. In the last year she has picked up the habit of throwing shade at me every time...
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