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Comedy Over Depression focuses on talking about depression and how it’s better to get help. You don’t have to go to the psychiatrist first. Talk to your friends, your favorite aunt, the pastor, the Uber driver –release it and take the next step. Work it out the right way…we might save someone. Ultimately, I want to help some people. Help people on purpose –not just on accident.

I’m working toward building the Comedy Over Depression Foundation that will provide comedy concerts that bring awareness to depression and mental health.

Comedian Baldhead

What People Say

“First, this dude is bar-none one of the most funniest human beings on the planet. He’s absolutely one of the most honest human beings and comedians I’ve ever come across. He’s real. He’s dope. And he’s my friend.”

“Baldhead is a hard worker. He’s got his finger on the pulse of what’s funny.”

I have worked with Baldhead from the beginning of my career. He has always been professional, simply outstanding and brings an hilarious energy to the film set. He’s by far one of the funniest comedians I’ve ever worked with and one of my top five of all time

It was a pleasure to work with Baldhead as a Host at Jokes and Notes as he was easily adaptable to change and growth as it pertains to his delivery and craft.  Baldhead is one of the funniest Comedians.

19 Years of Experience


My comedy style is a mix between anecdotal and storytelling.

After the death of my brother and some very close friends, depression found me. Although I didn’t know what it was initially, what ultimately helped me was being on stage. I discovered that laughter helps people on the other side. I met a guy who told me, “I was going to kill myself after your show. I changed my mind when you said, “make some noise if you’re glad to be alive”. He said he clapped with everyone else. He told me that changed his mind because of my show. Five years after that show he brought his daughters to one of my shoes. He sent one of his daughters over to tell me that I saved his life. This man told me his story. He was going to do it [commit suicide] with pills in ice cream. I did an entire year of a shows based on it.

I’m real and raw. No filter. It’s time to elevate.

Comedy & Drama


Writing a good joke is a genuine art form. Comedian Baldhead has a real understanding of the basic mechanisms of a joke; it is integral part of his development. 

When it comes to his stand-up performances, Baldhead uses a system that allows him to develop and refine his newer material while still getting guaranteed laughs.

Although Comedian Baldhead recognizes how difficult joke-writing can be, he finds that being himself makes the process easier.

Current projects: 

  • Baldhead’s Podcast: Baldhead’s opinion on relationships, financial, children, and more. This show has no boundaries.
  • 2 Fools & A Mic Sitcom (Working Title): Two Chicago comedians living in an apartment trying to make it in the world of entertainment. 
  • Daddy and Damini (YouTube): Internet show/vlog of Comedian Baldhead Phillips as a single father parenting and teaching my daughter about life and how to be a responsible young lady. Damini tells him how she feels about these things. 

Second City Certified


As a solid improvisational actor, Comedian Baldhead  Phillips has no boundaries (but he refuses to wear a dress.)

Comedian Baldhead Phillips has appeared in over several film, television, and theatre productions. You may have seen him in Black and Privileged, Bill Bellamy’s Who’s Got Jokes?, Lady Lover and Monologues of a Black Man, to name just a few. Baldhead’s ability to improvise and perform has been recognized by Comic View with the New Jack Spotlight award. Comedian Baldhead studied improv for actors at Second City Improv training center in Chicago, graduating with an Improv for Actors certification. A native of Chicago, Comedian Baldhead Phillips now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Baldhead can be reached by clicking HERE

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