My girlfriend might be gay!

#RelationshipWednesday My girlfriend might be gay!

Question: This is so awkward. I’m crazy in love with my girlfriend and I’m thinking about a future with her. But lately, I’ve been noticing she only like lesbian porn and I swear my girlfriend likes looking at women more than men! (Not that I want her looking at other men) When we talk about past relationships she always says that her best relationships were always with women. When I ask if these “relationships” are of a sexual nature she says no she’s not a lesbian. She doesn’t like dresses but will wear them for me and when I met her she was (and still is) a tom boy. I don’t want to make the mistake of considering this girl for the long term and it turns out she likes women. How do I know if she really is gay though? Should I say something?

Answer: First things first, if it’s a serious relationship and you have genuine concerns talk with her. It sounds like you may be more curious about her bi-sexual side than she is. Women (most of us) have a natural appreciation for the human body…especially other women. Don’t be an jerk and ask for a threesome either ***insert eye roll here***. Just because she enjoys a little girl on girl action via porn doesn’t mean she wants that. It may just be the visual OR it could be that she wants you to pay attention to the technique so you can learn how to please her. Pay attention, learn and apply. Have a discussion with her. Tell her how much you love her and let her know that these things are bothering you to an extent. Then just ask her questions…instead of guessing…be up front. Ask her if she see a long term future with you. It could be anything or it could be nothing to worry about. It’s been said that communication is the key to all great relationships and yours in no different.