My Friend Throws Shade All The Time

January 24, 2018
My Friend Throws Shade All The Time

Relationship Wednesday with Author Sabrina Childress

Question: I’ve been friends with this girl for over 12 years. We’ve always gotten along and never really had any issues. In the last year she has picked up the habit of throwing shade at me every time she gets a chance. She puts down my clothes, my body, my house, you name it! For no reason. It’s to the point that my own mother is questioning why I’m still friends with her. I can’t think of anything that has drastically changed between us in the past year other than I moved into my first house (if that counts). Why does my friend try to bring me down all the time? What do you think I should do?


Answer: First let me say this, sometimes people grow apart. Sometimes there is not rhyme or reason to it and BAM it just happens! Second, she isn’t your friend and you should probably stop hanging out with her. If she asks you why you stopped talking to her, tell her the truth. Let her know that you are done putting up with her insults and you don’t need that in your life. IF she changes her behavior then by all means, forgive but don’t forget. Nip it in the bud! IF she gets defensive, then cut it short and cut ties. She may be holding you back from greater adventures and new relationships/friendships. Life is too short for that much negativity.


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