Business Management

Entertainment business managers act as liaisons between entertainers and businesses. Managers handle communication with employers, negotiate contracts and tend to other business aspects that the artist does not have the time or expertise to do. It is not unusual for job duties of entertainment business managers to crossover or even replace those of entertainment agents.

Public Relations

I provide concierge level personal PR services to our clients. I am the essential bridge between our clients and the outside world, strategically implementing needed elements for sustainable brand presence in a crowded 24/7 marketplace.

I breathe entertainment PR. It’s what drives me; my clients, the opportunities ahead of them, the outlets who cover them, the fans who want more of them.

This includes:

  • Personal PR
  • Media relations
  • Talent relations
  • Crisis communications
  • Reputation management
  • Project ¬based campaigns
  • Brand management
  • Broadcast, digital and print content strategy
  • Strategic development and implementation
  • Monitoring and measurement
  • On¬going counsel and support

Motivational Speaking

Sabrina Childress is a speaker and author that empowers people to know their true value and operate at optimal potential. With a Mission-Driven, Purpose-Driven Attitude – Sabrina’s infectious personal style does more than motivate, she inspires your audience. Through a powerful message, Sabrina shares effective takeaways that leave your audience challenged to embrace a renewed perspective.

Topics include (but not limited to):


  • Courage
  • Inspiring Lives
  • Overcoming Obstacles and Challenges
  • Writing and self-publishing
  • Domestic Violence
  • Public Relations
  • Relationships (Single, Married, & Family)
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Grant Writing 
  • Leadership / Professional Development
  • Community / Team Building
  • Empowerment / Positivity


Looking to give back? These two charitable efforts are near and dear to my heart; Position of Pressure nfp (domestic violence) and Kute Classics Clothing (every sale provides a donation to Sickle Cell Anemia research).