A Very Opinionated Podcast with Sabrina Childress and Guest Host LC. 

If you’re a person, you’ve probably failed more than once. So what?

We don’t care if you have a track record of epic failure. We don’t care if you think your business model is just a bunch of hot air. We want to talk to you if you’re going after your goals and dreams!

We’re looking for people who have been in the trenches, who know what it takes to get back up after a knockdown and try again. We want to hear about your struggles and successes and how those successes are often followed by even greater failures. And we want to celebrate that with you!

This podcast isn’t just about entrepreneurship: it’s about life. It’s about learning how to fail forward and thrive despite setbacks—whether they come from negative reviews on Yelp or just bad luck.

In the Good Enough To Fail podcast, we talk about life and entrepreneurs. We’re not talking about unicorns or billionaires. We’re talking about the most important part of a business: people.

We’ve all heard the stories of successful entrepreneurs who have failed multiple times before they made it big. Why? Because they were willing to try, fail, and try again until they achieved success. But what if you don’t want to be an entrepreneur? What if you just want to be good enough?

Well, we’re here for you too! In each episode of our podcast, we’ll discuss how you can be “good enough” at what you do so that failure is not an option—and neither is success!

Episodes of Good Enough To Fail


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