"You can't not communicate. Everything you say or do or don't say and don't do sends a message to others." – John Woods


Public Relations Specialist

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Meet Sabrina Childress-Miller: Publicist, Philanthropist & Author

Public Relations Specialist

Sabrina Childress Enterprises

Sabrina Childress Enterprises is a digital public relations and social media agency that empowers brands in the entertainment and business service industries. We create tangible results through PR, social media, influencer relations and executive thought leadership. Let’s talk. 

Our strategic campaigns are designed to support your business goals. Whether it’s a marketing, a grand opening or a long-term thought leadership engagement, we collaborate with you to ensure our approach is targeted and drives the results that matter to you. As your strategic counselors, we treat your business like it’s our business – consistently bringing you fresh ideas, expert insights and our candid feedback on which opportunities to pursue.

“Marketing and PR MUST be the first areas to receive attention within any brand.”

Have big goals? You’ll need a map for that.

How May I Help You?

No one client is the right fit for every firm and no one firm is the right fit for every client. Our goal is to give you the resources to make your best judgement call on fit, and we’ll do the same. This leaves the relationship intact and at the very least, it keeps things from being awkward when you run into us at a networking event.

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Business & Not-For-Profit Consulting

In today’s data-driven world, our team understands that your initiative should be backed by a strong analytics program and ongoing evaluation of results to strategically shift project tactics to meet your goals.

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Public (Media) Relations

PR in the age of digital media requires more finesse, research and a healthy dose of elbow grease. With roots steeped in media relations, we understand how to best combine tried-and-true approaches with digital prowess, tying PR to business goals through a creative, scrappy approach.

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Social Media Management

Social media can be an effective way to communicate with your existing customers and attract new business. Sabrina Childress Enterprises can help you find the right keywords and conversations to participate in. We can even handle the day to day management of your social media profiles and act as your brand ambassador.

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Website & Graphic Design

Always mindful of efficiency, we provide content for use across multiple owned and earned channels—from your website, blog and newsletter to media kits and social media posts—always ensuring your brand narrative is clear, consistent and memorable.

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Copywriting & Editing

There are numerous places you might need to create compelling content; Manuscripts, Novels, Websites, Blog posts, Handouts, Direct mail pieces, Menus, and even User guides. We'll choose the right words to get your message across wherever you need it.

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Event Planning

Trying to put together a launch party to introduce journalists and bloggers to your new business? Need to host a special event for key stakeholders or customers? Just want to have a big blowout to get in front of a large audience? Sabrina Childress Enterprises will put it all together.

Work With Me.

Discover Your Story.

Amplify Your Story.

With the unique mix of public relations professionals, copy editors, and event planners under one roof, Sabrina Childress Enterprises provides both the creative vision and amplification strategy to tell your brand’s story and deliver results.